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Business Areas

The Keipp-group, a medium-sized company, offers services for  infrastructure facilities of buildings
and industrial installations. Local as well as nationwide.

Building Services Engineering:
– Electrical Installations
– Building Automation
– Data Systems Technology
– Safety Engineering
– Illuminated signs
– Environmental and Solar Technology
– Sanitary and Heating Technology
– Air Conditioning
Construction Works:
– Turnkey Projects
– Civil Engineering
– Constructions according Water
   Resources Act(German WHG)
– Masonry Works
– Refurbishment and Renovation
– Commercial Cleaning
– Paintwork

Plant Engineering and Construction:
– On Site Installations
– Refurbishment and Cleaning
– Printing machines
– Pipeline Construction and Petrol Systems
– Car Workshop Equipment
– Switchgear Engineering
– Manufacturing of mosaic systems and control
   room technology
Engineering Services:
– Maintenance management
– Rebranding Rollouts
– Project Management
– Sectoral Planning for Electrical Engineering
– Automation Technology
– ICT-Services
– Leasing of Equipment and Facilities
– Energy-Saving Management